Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break, Day Dos

Arriving home from work yesterday, I found a mostly peaceful house.  That being said, the oldest child was at the movies and my daughter was at a friend's house all day.  Considering that, the remaining two were getting along pretty well.  Mostly, except for the one Nintedo DS that is the bone of contention between them.

I also left the grounded child one thing to do.  One thing. One.  Find his baseball stuff for practice last night.  Just find your cup for gosh sakes.  Find some pants and your cleats.  He was grounded, he has nothing else more pressing to do.  And yet................

Practice is at 7:15 p.m.  "Did you get your baseball stuff together?"  "Not yet, but I will."  Then the questions start.  Do you know where my mitt is?  Do you know where my sliding pants are?  Do you know where my baseball pants are?  Do you know where my baseball bag is?  Did I not tell the child to go and get this stuff ready at 8:00 this morning?  Did he not have all darn day to find these things?  Is it 6:45 and he is running around looking for things that don't fit him anymore or are buried in the chaos of the closet?  One thing, find your stuff and be ready to go, no luck.

We also did not have a coach as of 7:15 last night.  One dad, who coaches two other teams stepped up and said he would do it if the other coaches of his other team......yadda yadda yadda.  I cannot coach baseball, I don't know enough about rules and bat weights and all that jazz.  Dear hubby is working fifty hours a week and cannot coach.  Sometimes you just can't do something and that is okay.  I think Coach Scott can do it.  I will bring snack.

So, day two of Spring Break starts today.  They are all still sleeping.  I am off to shower, go to work, go shopping for Grant's birthday present, come home and figure out the chaos.  I think the candy is officially gone, the sugar high should be over by this afternoon.  All is calm on the western front.

What's going on in your house?  

God bless you and yours.

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