Monday, March 30, 2009

It's my birthday

So, I just heard that forty is the new twenty, so officially, I am 22, not 42.  Okay, so I am 42, but I am okay with that.  Thirty was the hardest one for me to hit and now I have no idea why.  I think as women, we come into our own in our thirties.  So as I sit here, I am okay with the 42 mark.  I have earned my gray hairs and the right to cover them ruthlessly with a wonderful dye job.  

So, we officially celebrated my birthday last night because Scott has to work late tonight so he can get off early on Wednesday for Tyler's first baseball game.  It was nice.  Tyler had one of his friends at church make me a cross for my cross wall.  I was so touched that he thought ahead and did something so thoughtful.  For those of you who don't know, I collect crosses and have a cross wall with all kinds of crosses.  Fun stuff.  I have to laugh because I got money from my parents, Scott and my mother-in-law.  This happens every year.  When I have money, I cannot find one thing I like.  When I am broke, I find twenty purses I cannot live without.  Whatever.  I will either get a great purse, my favorite perfume or some great shoes.  That being said, with me clipping coupons and all that jazz, I know I will hold my favorite perfume in my hand and not want to spend that much money on perfume.  Birthday or not, forty bucks for perfume is expensive.  Yikes.

So, what do you do on your birthday?  If I were in Arizona, I would have at least two friends who would kidnap me and take me to lunch and to get our toes done.  So that is what I want for my birthday, either my sister or my friends in Az to get here to Michigan where there is SNOW ON THE GROUND, and pick me up to do lunch and our toes.  Except I want to go to Tommy Bahama Cafe in North Scottsdale, perfect for a gal's lunch.  Oh well, Janet just said she is taking me to breakfast, what a great start.  

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

Happy Birthday Sis! Sorry I can't surprise you- I'm working. I'm with you in spirit though and you will have to have your peddie with friends- I don't do toes. Hugs!

Baby Z's Mom said...

Hey you. If I would have won the lottery, you know we both would be in AZ getting our toes done & eating @ Tommy Bahama and shopping at my power source, Scottdale Fashion Square ( a real mall, can you tell I miss it?) I am the same way when I have birthday/Christmas money, can find a thing to buy & feel guilty when I do, not like it's money from the budget. 42 is okay now that I have had a few weeks to get used to it. Just don't like the sound of it. When in your forties, you also have the right to NOT dye your hair to cover the gray. Of course I do dye, but only because I like to switch things up a bit. I am proud of my gray hairs. Love ya babe & have a great birthday.

apittman said...

I'm a day late wishing happy birthday, which, by my standards, is really pretty good!

I always stash my b-day cash...sometimes for months until I literally forget about it until I'm looking for something else in my underwear drawer, and there it is! So enjoy and spend it all on you, you, you...