Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's back

Picked up Grant from math club yesterday.  Eyes glassy, looked flushed, coughing like a seal.  You may ask why I sent him to school.  Well,  because he did not look that way yesterday morning.  So we went off to our pediatrician's night owl clinic.  You can walk in from 5-8p.m.  every day without an appointment, kind of cool.  The nurse goes to take his temperature (which I very professionally had done by kissing his forehead, seemed a little hot, not bad).  His temperature was 103.4.  How bad a mom am I?  This kid sat in school and even through math club and never called me.  He hates to miss anything.  That being said, I feel horrible.  The nurse immediately brought in liquid motrin.  

Now, Grant will not, I repeat not, take any kind of liquid medicine.  He hates the taste.  He will barf it right back at you.  I have spilled more red medicine on light colored carpet over the years than I can count.  He will swallow any pill you throw at him, but no liquid stuff.  He took the cup from the nurse and drank it down.  Now I know he's sick.  Not a whimper, he just took the orange stuff and drank it down.   Then he laid on the exam table until the doctor came in.

He was tested for strep and a blood test was taken to rule out a bacterial infection.  It's a virus.  I hate it.  I am off today, so I will be washing and bleaching and lysoling everything in sight.  Again.  As I sit here and write this, Cooper is getting up and he is coughing.  Yikes.  I hate the virus thing.  It just has to run it's course.  That is the worst sentence a mother can hear.  

It just has to run it's course.  Well who the heck set up this obstacle course inside my kids anyhow?  "It's course" could be from three to five days.  Just enough time for the whole family to get it.  Ugh.  Who has time for this?  Fevers, coughing, sore throats......give me something that cures this stuff.  Anything.  Since it is viral, no antibiotics.  Can you just give me some to make me feel like he's getting better?  It would make me feel better to give my kid medicine so I at least feel like I am killing the virus.  But alas, no.  No pink stuff in the bottle.  No pills to kill bacteria.  Just plenty of fluids, rest and motrin to control the fever.  And one uncomfortable, crabby kid.  

Since last week it was Tatum, and this week it is Grant, I am assuming that next week will be Cooper and the week after that will be Tyler.  It should hit me somewhere around the middle of all the kids and Scott will walk away without a scratch.  Fabulous.  I hate sickness of any kind, but I prefer a sickness killed by pink stuff in a bottle.

I pray that nothing like this is going on at your house.  Let me know, we can cry on each other's shoulders.  

God bless you and  yours.

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Baby Z's Mom said...

Knock wood we are all doing fine for now. With the weather being all willy nilly I am sure something will invaid our home. I think they need to give Mom's something to take while the virus runs it's course, a little happy pill or something? What do you think. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with this yet again. Hang in there babe.