Monday, March 16, 2009

Everyone Out!

Everyone back to school today.  Whoopee!  I am opening the windows (when it hits 50 today) and bleaching the sheets and killing the germs.  This house will be clean of viruses.  I am sick of the kids being sick.  I have truly run out of time for this.  I probably should not say anything, I am jinxing myself, but it's time to clean.

This virus that attacked out house was brutal.  High fever, sore throat, and a really, really bad headache.  I did buy that new thermometer that you just scan their heads with.  Totally works and takes three seconds.  Worth every penny of $28.88 at Sam's Club.  Took their temps while they were sleeping, it was awesome.  Anything is better than the rectal thing.  My kids are way too old for that, but not quite old enough not to talk while an oral thermometer is in their mouths.  

So, including the doctor visits, the new thermometer, the Lysol, the bleach and all the rest, this little virus comes in at around a hundred bucks.  Wait, I have to include the gatorade (everyone wanted their favorite kind, none of them were the same) the special request lunches, the waiting on them hand and foot (that's what moms do), it may go up to around one-fifty.  Yikes.  I do budget doctor visits, but not all the rest.  And the thermometer was not in my budget, so I have to find the money for that.  Oh well, mac and cheese for dinner this week, at least twice.

I am also looking forward to some alone time.  Some, just sit around time.  Although, with me doing five loads of sheets, that may be tough today.  Might as well clean my sheets too.  They were in my bed too.  I love my kids so much.  I treasure every moment, even the burning up with fever, too hot to hold, but have to be held moments.  I do.  But mommas need their space too.  Usually after a bout of sickness in my house, I really need some space.  Some "don't touch mom" space.  I am officially touched out.  That is my mom speak for quit touching me.  Quit hanging on me, quit tugging on my shirt.  Quit touching me.  This may sound harsh, but I think we all know that after being tugged on all day, we get a little touchy about being touched.  Admit it, you feel that way too.  The only people that don't feel that way are mothers of really small babies and people without kids.  Every other mom gets touched out.  It's not a bad thing, space is grace.  Just a little grace from our kids.  We all need it from time to time.

Do you ever get "touched out"?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.


Dawn said...

Ok you convinced me.I started a blog

hiyahun said...

I have reached my dont touch me phase this week quickly. Its spring break here in AZ and the kids have been home for 2 days now... wow. The fights and yelling and screaming. How can 2 small kids make so MUCH noise? Mom needs and ear vacation as well as a no touch zone... Why cant they open the pool for spring break. at least there they can wear each other down, or do their screaming under water...LOL