Thursday, March 5, 2009

I dare you.

If you have more than one child, or a very adventurous only child, this phrase can strike fear into your heart.  Or make you put your orthopedic surgeon on speed dial.  For me, this is our middle child, Grant.  Or Grantie Bear as I call him.  He is approaching the age of twelve so I think that particular phrase should slowly be eliminated from my vocabulary.

Grant will try just about anything.  Last fall, he and his friends had made a huge pile of leaves under one of our trees.  Then he thought it would be great fun to climb the tree and jump into the pile of leaves.  There is still hard ground under the not so cushy leaves.  Luckily, God let me see what was going on before he or his friends could kill themselves or at the very least, maim each other.  Yikes.  No fear.

I should tell you that this is the child with the gleam in his eye.  The "what can I get into next" button in his brain.  He was born that way.  Some of you don't believe me.  Okay, here's one for you.  At the ripe old age of two and half, he left his room during nap, got into the twins room, woke up Cooper and I found the two of them kicking out the slats from Cooper's crib.  Kicking them out, ruining the crib that we had since Tyler was born.  Praise God it was not a family heirloom.  Wrecked it, on a whim.  What two year old thinks of these things?

He has broken his arm, strained his knee, gotten stitches (twice), broken a thumb and is the only one of my children to see the inside of an ambulance and actually take a ride in it.  I owe 90% of all my gray hairs to him.  And I love him so much.  

He is my child with the biggest heart.  Loves and cares and takes things into his heart and keeps them there.  He is amazing.  He strikes fear into my heart and such a pride.  He will do great things in his life.   That much I do know.  If we survive his teenage years, that is.  

Do you have a daredevil in your house?  Let me know, they are such a blessing.

God bless you and yours.

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hiyahun said...

I spent 4 hours in the E.R. last night. My youngest has a fracture, they think... we have to call ortho today and get an appointment so they can tell us if it is a fracture. The ER Doc came in, (after sitting there for 3 hours ) to tell me its "not normal... I cant see a "true" break, but it is not normal". Now I am trying to figure out how to teach an very true clutz how to walk on crutches. Am I the only one who can see what is going to happen with these? She is NOT graceful. She can trip over air...LOL Thankfully today is a half day at school. I may just keep her home for now and see how it goes this weekend...