Friday, November 14, 2008


No, that is not a typo, that was the word we used to let the kids know that something was gross.  Gum under the table at a fast-food restaurant, "Uckamucks, no touch."  Obviously I am talking when your kids are small, I don't say this to my kids now, they are older, but it does cover a host of things.  Using simple words to let your toddler know what is right and what is wrong (or disgusting).  Think about it, "No", " Danger", "Hot", Uckamucks.  Simple words that get the point across.

Uckamucks covered all things disgusting and nasty.  All toddlers seem to want to pick up the dog poo in the back yard, "Uckamucks."  We all have our words, each family and section of the country.  We as mothers make up words that are original but make our point.  That is something that should be appreciated, we need to be honored for these words.  I mean, we aren't teaching our precious little ones to swear, we are teaching them alternatives that they understand.

Bill Cosby once said that parents sound like idiots because we are constantly censuring ourselves in front of our kids.  I had a potty mouth at one time, I tried very hard to stop.  I kept imagining my precious saying some like, "pass the damn potatoes" at the family Christmas table.  A good friend of mine gave me the replacement for the "sh" word.  I now say "Sugar."  I am not proud of having a potty mouth, but time away from my very strict mother and living in my own house without her "look" took it's toll.

I will make a bet that each one of you with a boy child has a different word for his little teedle.  You can't just say that word all the dang time.  It is a body part they are fascinated with as soon as they can reach it.  You know I am right.  If you only have girls, count your blessings.

Do you have an original word that is funny or useful to the rest of us?  Please share.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Well, girls check things out too. Our word for her private part is poocha. Got it from my Aunt. Gross things or bad spots on bananas is ackie. As for potty mouth me, $5.00 a crack for the very bad "f" bomb. It has seriously curbed my mouth. She can go to Harvard for a year, but I have really stopped the swearing. She picks up everything I say & how I say it, never copies Dad, always Mom who has to live in the fish bowl. Oh well, at least it is helping me to be better about my colorful language. Fudge, like sugar works as a good replacement.

Christina said...

When Deuce poops, I (try) to keep him from touching his poop-covered privates by saying in a startled voice, "Ooo! Yuckie da boo-boos!" He's only one, so it gets his attention and we get a kick out of it.

I guess I'm one of the lame moms, I just say regular words. I call a boy's private part what it is, I tell him not to touch what he shouldn't be touching, etc. My creative imagination comes alive when it comes to the many nicknames I have for Deuce, though. And we make up songs for just about everything.

Doreen Hanna said...

I had a good friend share with me that she was determined to call all private body parts by their appropriate name. However, after the following "I'll never forget" moment she did have some regret.

When she was 8 months pregnant with her 4th child she stopped by Blockbusters to rent a movie. While standing in the children's isle making her choice she couldn't control passing some gas. Hoping to avoid any embarrassment she quickly slipped to the next isle. However, her 2-year old son didn't see her discreet move and began running to find her while yelling "Mommy your v----a stinks!"

She wanted to become instantly invisible as she past a man in the next isle just as her son came racing to her side relieved to find her but re-emphasizing his point.

When we can laugh at ourselves we are happier people - this mom truly brings much joy into the lives of others.