Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toddlers Toddling

Where does that word come from anyways?  Toddlers....... sounds like weebles, and the both wobble before the fall down.  I would say toddlers are two to three year olds.  That is my guesstimation.  

Amazing what a child of this age can get into.  They get into stuff you did not know they knew about.  I came out of the shower one day to find one of my children (who shall remain nameless) making "eggies" on my carpet in front of the television.  A dozen eggs broken and ground into my carpet, stirring with a spoon of course.  All I did was try to get the stink off of me and I come out to this.  Shells everywhere, and he was so proud.  What can you do except, get dressed, get some spot-shot and clean up?  Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff?

I truly think it is just them trying out their little world.  Everything is new and wonderous to them.  What will they come up with next.  I used to lie in bed at night and tremble at the thought.  Kids really are amazing at this age, they also need to have boundaries.  Boundaries, which I have discussed before, help your child, they do not limit your child.  Rules are good.  Trust me on this, mother of four, rules rock.

Ask all of your friends today what was the weirdest thing their children did at this age, brace yourself, you will laugh so hard, you will cry.

God bless you and yours.


ccjadezo said...

Well Jadon at about 18 months wanted to iron like mommy and while I was in the kitchen he set it on the carpet and plugged it in ( had no idea he knew where it was), burned an iron mark shape in the carpet..he also pinned himself under the tv he pulled off of the stand, within milliseconds while I was standing right there...and it was probably about 2 1/2 that he got into the spices and poured every one on his head, from cinnamon and nutmeg to garlic and onion, it smelled nasty..and can't forget the black eyes he'd give himself, the 7 stitches in the chin, numerous bumps and tumbles that didn't break or need to be was 6 when he fractured his clavicle..I think he's a bit clumsy :) good times, and it keeps you on your toes too..

Kay Klebba said...

Oh my gosh, remind me to tell you about Christmas eve six years ago, Grant almost cut his toe off in the garage, in his underwear, he jumped off of the ladder onto a piece of glass and had five stitches around his little pinkie toe.

In Az I had our orthopedic surgeon on speed dial. With four kids, I needed it!