Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time with Family

Good, bad or ugly, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I will be cooking all day, and I truly enjoy doing it.  Time to spend some time with family.  This can be challenging.  Maybe you don't like Great Aunt Ida or your sister-in-law hates your guts.  We still have to be in the same space together for a period of time tomorrow.  What's my advice?  Kill them with kindness.  Let everything roll off your back until you or they leave.  

Think about it, what memories of this day do you want your children to have?  The adults glaring at each other over the crescent rolls or smiling.  Look, you either married into the family or he married into yours and both of you have some crazies in the closet.  Every person walking this earth has a crazy in their family.  I say embrace the crazies, they make the holidays memorable.  You don't have to see these people 24/7, just a couple of times a year.  

Tomorrow as the family gathers, try to find at least one good thing about everyone, even the person who makes it their personal goal to find fault with you.  It can be fun and you will have a small smile on your face.  Maybe Aunt Ida is full of vinegar, but she makes the babies smile.  Maybe your sister-in-law hates your guts, but she loves your children.  Every person has good qualities, try to focus on those tomorrow.  I know this can be a challenge and require a little glass of wine to fortify, but all things in moderation and all that.

I hope you have a wonderfully crazy holiday tomorrow.  I am taking the rest of the week off to focus on family and the black friday sales.  God bless you and yours.  


Baby Z's Mom said...

Okay, this is the second thing I have read this morning that said to find the good in people. Obviously the man upstairs is trying to tell me something, guess I better listen. I too will be cooking my head off and hopefully enjoying the process, seeing as it is the first time to host turkey day. I will stop and take time to thank God for my blessing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

ccjadezo said...

So I just took out the laundry to discover that a sharpie was in the wash and then the dryer leaving marks on the clothes.. so after a moment of panic and disappointment in myself I'm trying to forget about it and my son can start a trend of clothes with sharpie marks on them..

Give thanks with a grateful heart.. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!! see ya this crazy weekend..