Monday, February 16, 2009

Momma Down

I am sick.  Really I am just getting sick, but the bad stuff is coming.  I can feel it.  And I don't have time for it.  Seriously.  We are kicking off the cookie dough fundraiser on Thursday for Tyler's youth group's mission trip.  The cookie dough lady is coming this Sunday so we can give everyone samples of the yummy cookies and make enough money so our children can expand their horizons and help people.  I seriously do not have time to be sick.   I have a meeting tonight about said cookie dough fundraiser.  The laundry is piling up and my head is going to explode.  If I take any more cold medicine, I will explode.  I do not have my sure fire cure, cranberry juice and diet sprite.  I drink buckets of it when I am sick.  Nothing.  I don't want to go to the store because that would involve moving and I am pretty sure if I move, my head will explode.  So I will just sit here and try not to move and blow my nose another hundred and fifty times.

I hate being sick.  It wrecks my system.  My house system of keeping up with stuff goes out the window.  It will literally take me ten days to catch up.  So I will drag myself down and do the laundry and keep the kitchen clean and make sure the kids eat.  I won't take a nap and let the kids run amok.  I will just drug myself up and keep on going.  I am a mother, I cannot quit.  

We just keep on going, we are energizer bunnies on crack when we need to be.  I just wish I felt better.  Maybe I will feel better tomorrow.  Since I have to go to work and be a mom and keep a house tomorrow. 

Just a small side note, it appears the dogs know I am sick, I have one laying on my head, one on my lap and one by my side.  Good puppies.  They care.  

So, my love to one and all and God bless you and yours.  Send some chicken soup my way.

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hiyahun said...

I am so very sorry your aren't feeling well. I will keep you in our prayers. As well as your family. Heres hoping they know how to treat mama when she isn't feeling well. We know you have treated all their injuries and illnesses.