Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hissy Fit

Somewhere, ingrained in their little psyches, children become aware of their ability to throw a complete fit.  It must be inbred because this is nothing we would teach our children.  This freak of nature, throw yourself on the ground, scream, hit, cry ability to embarrass their parents.  I for one refused to be embarrassed.  I have walked over my screaming child in a supermarket.  I refuse to give in to the chaos.  

We have all seen it, the screaming child and the embarrassed mother.  We have all been there.  We have all wanted to just buy the stupid candy bar and move on.  We have all gotten the "look" from the eighty year old grandma who never would have let her children act that way.  I hate that lady.  I know that is not the Christian thing to do, hating the old lady, but who is she to judge me?  I could take the easy way out and buy the candy bar and shut up my child, but then where would I be?  Buying anything my little darling wants when he/she wants because they know I will give in.  I think not.  I am not my child's plaything.  That is what you become if you cave.

Caving in is easier in the moment, but causes too many troubles in the long run.  I think the answer to the store situation is to risk the CPS call and discipline your child out of the house the way you do inside the house.  I would risk running into the one hippie left who is appalled at my spanking my child (a calm swat on the butt, not the freak outs we have seen on videos) to get them back to basics.  We cannot be afraid to show our children who runs the house.  It is not a crime to discipline your kid.  It can be a crime not to.  Have we not all seen the snotty teenager who expects the world to cater to them?  Is that the kind of person we want to raise?

Actions have consequences, good and bad.  That is a valuable lesson for our children.  

Any good child throwing fit stories out there?  Tatum used to cry and rip her hair out.  Seriously, from the roots, with both hands.  She was something else, still is occasionally.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

No tantrums in the store lately. The okay we have to go to the car & have Dad finish shopping usually takes care of the situation. Now, tantrums at home, oh boy! Just ended a weekend full of them. We were going to go out to lunch Sunday, but I thought better of it. Potty training & trying to assert independence are a volitle (sp?) combination. There was much crying, spitting, kicking & telling the parents to walk away, but we all made it through and not an accident to be had!

hiyahun said...

Mom and her friend were talking in the kitchen one day having a little "mom" time when this womans daughter came in, threw herself on the floor and started screaming kicking and the works because she couldn't have another cookie... well my brother saw the woman cave and thought this was too good, and stored it for when the perfect moment arrived. He then launched himself on the floor of the kitchen threw his head back and BANG... the floor was concrete covered by lenolium... when he hit his head he got up went into the living room where there was shag carpet,'yes I know shag, but it was the 70's,'and tried to hissy Mom said she laughed so hard that he never tried it again. He had a headache and a bruise for a few days.