Friday, February 13, 2009

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Really?

So we have all heard it.  You have to eat breakfast.  You will not have a good day if you don't eat breakfast.  But what is breakfast?  The word comes from breaking your fast.  Seriously.  If you are not eating all night long, you are fasting.  Go figure.  If I am fasting, why do I weigh what I weigh?

My kids are very different creatures.  Cooper cannot have milk, so he eats plain cheerios, no milk, vitamins and calcium gummy bears.  Whatever he does not finish goes into the dog dish, Gonzo and Gus love the cheerios.  Sometimes he just wants Ritz crackers.  He used to love those peanut butter crackers in the package, but those have all been recalled.  Because he is so picky, he does not want "mom made" peanut butter crackers.  

Tatum will eat everything from leftover spaghetti, salad, toast with peanut butter, or an egg.  Not all at the same time, but she is pretty easy.

Grant and Tyler are getting older and when they first wake up, the thought of food revolts them.  So I have to make sure they get something down their gullets before school.

Saturdays alternate between donut day and pancake day.  Because finances are tight, we have been doing more pancake days than donut days.  Plus, you might as well just rub the boston creme donut all over my thighs, because that is where it ends up.

Sundays are sacred.  In more ways than one.  We always do "big" breakfast.  Hashbrowns, bacon, eggs any way you want them.  Some of my kids want breakfast burritos, some want breakfast bowls.  A breakfast bowl is just the insides of a breakfast burrito in a bowl.  Then we go to church together.  I love the big breakfast tradition, it warms my soul.

I believe that anything can be for breakfast.  When I was much younger, I loved old chinese food for breakfast.  My dad was working a lot of overtime and loved this place in Scottsdale called Kwans.  He always brought home leftovers and I loved them for breakfast.  Chicken, vegetables, noodles, that just about covers all the food groups.

What is your favorite fast breakfast?  What about a big breakfast?  Let me know.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Kwans, I miss Kwans. Thanks, now what do I do, 3000 miles away and craving their chinese. Okay, moving on, we do big the works breakfast once in a while,weekends are usually pancakes or waffles. Weekdays it's ceral for me, yogurt for the kid. If she could, she would eat yogurt or oatmeal for every meal. She get breakfast at preschool that she eat too and a lunch, have no idea where sweet petite puts it. Husband is the eat anything for breakfast kind of guy. He had a meatball sub from our Super Bowl leftovers. I think the trick is to eat breakfast. They do say having a cookie for breakfast is better than eating nothing for breakfast.

hiyahun said...

My daughter will NOT do anything until she has her bowl of cereal. Even if we say we are going out for breakfast. We cannot get out the door unless she has had her cereal. The we get to the resturant and she will eat eggs and bacon. My son will wait he loves breakfast out on doesn't want to be full when he gets to his eggs pancake and bacon, and I have to stress the word BACON. Its like a drug for him.