Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids are weird

Okay, if you have kids, and they are not in the baby stage, you have discovered how completely weird they are.  Seriously, weird.  They don't want to brush their teeth.  We on the other hand love that smooth minty feeling in the morning and at night.  And sometimes in between.  I have an eleven year old boy that would never bathe if not for my nagging.  He just does not care.  I am patiently awaiting the time he discovers girls are cool and do not have cooties, then the bathing shall commence on a daily basis.  Just ask my fifteen year old  boy.  

The collect odd things.  We have friends in Arizona whose son collects walking sticks.  We have even found what we lovingly call a "Luke" stick.  When he is out roaming, if he sees a proper stick, he takes it home.  Unfortunately, an overeager landscaper threw out his collection.  But he started again, after the tragedy of losing his favorite ones.  

The oddest and most bizarre collection comes from my nephew.  When he was four or five years old, my sister found something.  It was about the size of a golf ball, maybe a little bigger.  When asked what the odd looking thing was, as my sister was holding it in her hand......., the little guy announced it was a booger ball.  Pause here so you can run around the room screaming in disgust.  He had been collecting his boogers in a ball and was quite proud of it.  That is so out of our realm of something we could think of, but perfectly normal to any five year old boy.  If you own a five year old boy, he may be collecting weird things, just hope they are not live creatures, you could be in for an invasion.

Kids don't think like us, that is why they have mothers.  No one is going to marry a booger ball collecting college student.  We have to calm our inner gross out and admire booger balls and then make sure they lose that little collection at the proper time.  I still shudder when talking about that.  Cooper used to collect "diamonds".  He and his friend Griffin would go out at recess and find all the white rocks on the playground.  "We're gonna be rich mom" he used to say.  I still have a jar of diamonds packed in a box somewhere.  Hey, it's no booger ball, but it is something.

What have your children collected or done or not done that is weird and whacky?  I am dying to know.  Nothing is too gross, we are all moms here, we have seen and heard just about anything.

God bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

Well, I am the one with the "walking" stick collection. Was very upset this Christmas as I could not bring back to IL this perfect stick I found @ Squaw Peak. Gabriela is not collecting, yet, unless you count the things she has been sticking up her nose! The last thing was a piece of blue plastic that would not budge, so off to doctor we went. She does come home from preschool with a pocket full of fake bugs, makes laundry fun, NOT. I agree kids are weird but they are so worth it.

Anonymous said...

My eldest - now 16 - collected slugs. He spent weeks walking around with an old diaper wipe box and lovingly referring to it as his 'pet's house'. I was crazed with him barely potty trained and two in diapers, so I assumed they were imaginary. Nope - He had stuffed about 18 slugs of all shapes and sizes in that thing. And when you opened the lid the slime oozed out like in Aliens. Then the dog ate one of them - that's another story!