Thursday, February 12, 2009

Habits, the good, the bad and the ugly

When the twins were about two  and a half, friends of ours came out to visit us in Arizona.  Fred and Annie and their three kids are our dearest friends and it was so much fun.  Fred is an engineer and likes everything in it's place.  I was a mother that had four children under the age of four and just survived each day.  Fred was amazed, every time my kids wanted juice, I would just get a new cup out of the cabinet and get them juice or milk.  He stopped me and asked why I would do that.  My basic reasoning was, then wanted juice, they needed juice, get the juice in the easiest way possible and move on to the nine hundred other things I had to do that day.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  He said they should get one cup a day, go and find their cup and get it refilled.  That makes sense, but he did not realize that I was just in survival mode.  But it brings up a great point.

After looking at the situation, he was right.  We had sippie cups all over the darn place.  Some with green things growing in it.  I am not proud of this, but realize that I was just in a habit.  We all fall into habits.  I am not going to harass anyone about theirs, but every now and again we should take a good look at ourselves and see what if anything we should try to make better.

When we fall into stressful situations, like having three kids in diapers, we develop habits or at least I did.  I was just proud of the fact that they all got a bath every night.  Also, the diapers went out every day to the big trash.  My kids were fed mostly with healthy things, very little junk in our house.  Everyone survived this time in our lives and that is quite an accomplishment. 

But the juicy cup habit was one of many.  I think when you have little babies and are just in survival mode, you just take it one day at a time.  There is nothing wrong with that, we just need to re-evaluate sometimes.  Making my kids find their cups to be refilled is logical and saves on buying more sippie cups.  It also teaches them responsibility.  Another good point.

So I will thank Fred, he was right.  He also vacuumed my house every day they visited, God bless him.  We all need house guests like that.

What is currently bogging you down?  Share with me, it can't be worse than my sippie cups fiasco.

God bless you and yours.


Melissa said...

My ugly habit is socks!! When they come out of the dryer, instead of waiting to match them up with their mate, I just throw them in the "sock basket" yes, I get the laundry done quicker, but now I also have this 15lb basket with unmatched socks, that I have NO desire to match! The poor kids have to go "fishing" every morning! LOL!

Kay Klebba said...

You have inherited one more of my bad habits. I used to have a sock basket too!!!! My mother-in-law would come out once a year and sort through it. I was truly pathetic. I love that you have a sock basket. Looks like habits are universal. God bless.

hiyahun said...

I married a man who is a SLOB... to demonstrate, the first time I went to his home the mess almost had me running into the night screaming. There were clothes falling down the stairs and dishes in the sink that spread to the counter and a ring of food where their plates sat at the table. I had thought there was something living in the mess, I swear it moved, but he said there were no pets in the house... I started to clean, my first BIG mistake. I should have let him feel the yuck and had him clean it up. By the time we were married his oldest son from his first marriage said it was great dad married a maid, ouch. Now even my kids see that I clean it up if it sits too long for my liking. I have become the house nanny, maid and cook, and it is all my doing.