Friday, December 5, 2008


It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Jingle your bells and get ready for a wonderful season.  We put up our tree on Tuesday, what a great day.  I admit to having fake, but I like to put it up early and keep it up late, so no fires or Christmas tragedies.  I love opening up the box of ornaments.  So many wonderful memories.  

I keep everything the kids make at school.  I have to admit Grant's cheerio on paper Christmas tree is getting a little gummy, but until disintegration, we will still hang that baby up.  I have an enormous paper wreath with a picture of Tyler when he was in preschool.  It's hard to believe he now stands a head above me.  And has crazy blonde afro hair.

I also collect ornaments for the kids.  Whatever I decorated their nursery in, that is what they get.  Tyler is Winnie the Pooh.  Grant is Noah's ark (ironic since then I had twins).  Tatum and Cooper are Raggedy Anne and Andy.  Love it.  They all love putting "their" ornaments up on the tree.  When they move out of the house, they can take their ornaments with them.  That was my official tradition that I started for my family.  I hope it continues on to the next generation.

My mother-in-law did give me the ones that Scott made in grade school.  I love the little ice skate with the paper clip blade.  Classic.  Our tree is a mismatch of everything under the sun and I love it.  I makes me happy just to turn it on and look at it.  How can you not smile at the elves from my mother's tree and the pasta on paper from one of my kids preschool.  Puts me in a great mood.

What does your tree look like?  I would love to know.  Keep your smile on and when things get hectic, shut everything down, turn off the lights in the house and turn on your Christmas Tree.  What a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight.........

God Bless you and yours.


Baby Z's Mom said...

I love our tree. We have my folks hand me downs. Some of the ornaments are from their 1st Christmas. It is wonderful to have all those memories on my tree. It's a hoge podge of old & new and with our DD in school now, we to will be adding all those pasta santas too. Our angel for the top is now over 40 yrs old and she is looking worse for the wear. Her wings are gone, some of her shiny silver paint is missing, but she is still the absoulte best tree topper. We need to replace her, but I am heavy in my heart over it. There is just nothing out there that calls to my soul and says "here, let me take you thru the next 40 yrs". So, we search, we find nothing & up she goes again. I am glad that angels can handle the burdens we give them, but I do wish to let her retire someday.

tara @ kidz said...

Stopping by through momblogs and I'm glad I did. Love your blog!