Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's New with You?

So many things happening in the last couple of months. We moved into the Disco house and we love it. We lived in a construction zone for three months, had more "pop ups" than we could count and finally, finally, there are no noises when I get home from work. I can walk through my house without my contractor walking in another door. As great a job as our contractor did, I am not sorry to not see his truck in my driveway. If you need any and all repairs/work done on your home and you live in the Detroit metro area, email me for Mark Harrop's number, he does exceptional work and is very reasonable.

I also went back to work full time. I don't work at Starbucks anymore and once my "free" pounds of coffee run out, I will have to find a cost effective solution to my addiction. I am scared for that day.

Back before I had kids, I was a licensed optician. So, I got re-certified and went looking for a job. And I actually got one. No one was more shocked than me. And I love it, another shocker. I am working more hours, but have more energy and love my new job. Working full time does have some drawbacks, like planning dinners, instead of picking something up every day, but I really, really love it.

I think one of the reasons I truly love it is that I really prayed, for months before, for God to put me in the job He needed me to be at. I dropped off so many resumes to so many places and ended up in the perfect one for me. That brings me such peace.

The kids are adjusting pretty well, and I don't have to work as late as at Starbucks, I am home by 8pm at the latest and home every morning to get them off to school, so that's good. The crock pot is getting a work out, and if you have any exceptional recipes for that, post those too.
I am back to blogging, which I love. So what's new with your crew? New jobs? New babies? New empty-nesters? Share the love. God bless you and yours.

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