Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thirteen year old boys..

Okay, I have posted my angst at the teenage boy phenomenon. The testosterone, the man hair sprouting up, all those things. I have gone through this with one of my children. Here comes the second one. All I can say is WHY? Why would you do your assignments and not turn them in? Why would you talk back about everything. I mean everything, from ketchup to not having his older brother's curfew. Why would you punch a wall and fracture your hand?

Which just happened over the weekend. My oldest was going to prom and they starting scrapping at each other and I called a stop to it so the suit would not get messed up. Older brother got in the last hit. Apparently I did not yell enough at the older one. Never mind that the girl and her mother were driving up the street, to our home, to take pictures. Never mind that it's my first prom as a mom. Never mind that the thirteen year old started it all by taking the sunglasses that perfected the "look" for prom. It's still my fault that Grant punched a wall because I did not do anything about Tyler hitting him.

I really want to get inside his mind sometimes and do some spring cleaning. The stuff that comes out of his mouth sometimes. It's my fault his hand is broken.......Hmmmmmm, I did not punch a wall in frustration. He did.

So now, after urgent care and the chaos, we must go to the orthopedic surgeon to get a cast. He has a boxer's fracture of the fifth knuckle. Fabulous. Love it. No more baseball, no more track. Period. The end. No more sports until it is healed. Now I will have to sit on him to allow himself to heal. Great.

Who's punched what in your world? Share the fisticuffs.

God bless you and yours.

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