Monday, May 24, 2010

Five Staples later....

So, as you all know, we bought a foreclosed house that needed a lot of work. The backyard is on a hill and there is this waterfall thing that we could not figure out how to work. My brother-in-law looked at it a different way and got it going on Saturday. Hooray! We were all down there cleaning it out and rearranging rocks so it would flow properly. Then, as I stepped on our little landing, where we had just placed a small, wrought iron and tile mosaic table, one of the tiles on the landing tipped. The sand had eroded away underneath it. I fell down, my head whipped back and I cracked it on the very sturdy small table.

I saw stars, little flying birdies, and grabbed the back of my head. I had scraped the back of my calf on the way down too. Landed pretty hard. In all the times I have cracked my head, I have never cracked it open, until now. Take my hand away from the back of my head and it is covered in blood. Head wounds bleed a LOT. It can be scary. Tatum, my daughter, is already crying and her cousin is trying to be brave and hug her. I tell them I am fine. My mother in law gets me a wet rag, Scott gets me a bag of ice and I decide we better get to urgent care.

When you crack your head open, you always feel like your head is going to explode, but this was so painful. We get to urgent care, they are not sure if they want to take a head wound, did I pass out? No? Okay, come on back. The doctor has a thick accent and asks me what happened. I tell him we were down on the beach. Beach? Like I have lost my mind or my brains were seeping out. I explain that we live on a lake and we have a beach. I didn't think I was at the ocean or anything. He then tells me he is going to put in staples.

He also explains that it hurts more to numb the area than to just staple away. Okay, after five staples, and the first one "not sitting right" so it was taken out and put back in. I say, next time, numb away. Scott has bruises where I squeezed his leg as the staples were going in, it was not fun. I also was crying my eyes out and since I was laying on my side, snot and tears were sliding down my face.

Prescriptions for motrin and anti-biotics and instructions that if I start vomitting or seeing double to take me to the hospital and we are on our way home.

I get the staples out on Thursday, all I wanted to do was clean out the waterfall and make it look nice. Yucko. Oh well, better me than one of my kids. My head is still ringing.

Any trips to the urgent care or ER for you this weekend?? Share the love and pass the tylenol.

God bless you and yours.

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