Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunburn, oh the agony

Okay, so I am foolish. I used to live in Arizona, so when I am out working in the yard in Michigan, for some unknown reason, I do not think to put on sunscreen. The sun just is not that intense. Or so I think. I am horribly wrong by the way.

Our new house is on a lake. You have to rake algae out of the lake, in addition to leaves, crawdads, and various other stuff. We also had to weed the beach. So after church yesterday, I donned my bathing suit top and board shorts and off to rake I went. The whole family was working in the yard, but I actually got into the water and raked. Three hours worth. From one in the afternoon to four in the afternoon. Then I took a shower and noticed a little bit of burn.

This "little" bit of burn progressed into a flaming wall of ouchiness on my shoulders. The thought of wearing a bra today may send me over the edge. I have to go to work, so I have to wear a bra, but it's not going to be a fun day.

Why do I do this? Why not just put on sunscreen? Why does the sun in Michigan fool me, one time, every summer? Why? I do not know, but I am sure I will do it again next year.

Pass the aloe vera gel and avoid patting me on the back today. Thanks.

God bless you and yours.

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blessedmama said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and think it's great. Good to see you're blogging regularly. Sorry to hear about the sunburn. In California, we all know to protect ourselves. I had malignant melanoma several years ago, so I know how serious it can be. Protect yourself, sister. :-)