Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Ducky

Well, our new house is on a lake (pond really, but whose counting?) and we have ducks and geese. Actually, they fire off these noisy flare gun type things to scare away the geese because they poop so much. But I digress. Ducks are everywhere. We have had this group of one female and three males on our lake, but no ducklings. Kind of weird.

As I was coming home from taking the kids to school, I see a lone duckling wandering in the middle of the street. No momma duck, no daddy duck, just baby duck. So, I stop my mini-van in the middle of the street, put on my flashers and get out to help the baby duck. It promptly waddles right under my mini-van, yikes. I get it out and drive home with it, not really sure what to do. I have three dogs, so the trick was to get inside, to my mother-in-law for help, without alerting the doggies.

I get inside, swoop into my mom-in-law's bedroom and we decide what to do. You are probably asking yourself why I went home with the duckling. I was in my pajamas to drive the kids to school and didn't want to walk around the neighborhood in my PJ's when I haven't yet met most of the neighbors, carrying a duck. That's just me. We put the baby duck in a box and proceed (after I get dressed) to go back to where I found him to see if there are any ducks around. There are, but we don't want to get too close, so we let the little guy go nearby and back away.

Here's my problem. What if that wasn't his family? What if those ducks hurt my duck? What if it was a baby goose? What happened to my little duck? I don't have the answers and I don't want to go looking and find a dead baby duck, so I will live with my fantasy that he is re-united with his family and living large on worms and grass.

But if I see him again today, I am keeping him and raising him as one of the family. Just sayin'.

God bless you and yours.

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