Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black Friday sales

Okay, was I the only one who went out at 4:00 a.m. to get a portable DVD player for $47.00? Just asking. I actually hit Walmart and Target and was home by 8:15. Does this make me a crazy person or a saver of money? Most people will tell you both.

The Black Friday sales are not for the faint at heart or the easily offended. The line in Target started in the very back of books, went through electronics, back around garden to the food section, where you "looped around" and went back to garden, to bikes and then you began the loop towards the front of the store. At one point, the lines intersect. Some lady was mad. Very mad, she had gotten in the wrong line. Because there was a line for electronics that was different than the regular line. There was mass confusion and chaos ensued. This lady wanted to make sure no one was cutting in line in front of her because she had already, blah, blah, blah...... It's the Black Friday sales, what did you expect? There are going to be lines, ridiculous lines, there is no avoiding them.

There is a bonus to the lines. People swarm at the opening and just start shoving stuff into their carts. Then, as they sit in line for 30-45 minutes (or longer) they discard what they really don't want. That is how I found a hoodie in Tyler's size. Because, when I finally reached the hoodie section, there were three smalls left in blazing red. Standing in line there were digital photo frames, DVDs, various articles of clothing and someone actually put down one of the Ipod touch's that were on sale. Someone scooped that puppy right up. You have to be on alert for these things, the discards can be something you came in for and missed because you were getting something else.

I have seen it all at these sales. Oh, the humanity. I find it ironic that while attempting to get a bargain for the "giving" season, someone, in order to get a good parking space, nearly ran down ten people, honking all the way. All sense of decency goes out the window. Unless you stand by me, I refuse, absolutely refuse, to be rude or upset if I missed my "bargain". That is just the nature of the beast. I say "excuse me" and "thank you" and I will pass you the movie you cannot reach because the carts are ten deep. A little help, a little smile, a joke to pass the time. All these things can make the chaos a little bit cheerier.

So, did you go out on Friday, or sleep quietly in your bed? Share your story.

God bless you and yours.

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Anonymous said...

I have NEVER braved the Black Friday Sales. But am always a wee bit jealous of those brave souls that got the great deals. Now after Christmas shopping I dig. no pressure - everything you find is a bonus to put away until the decor comes out next year. Love it. So glad you are back!!!