Friday, December 11, 2009

Cleaning for Christmas

Why do we do this? The family is coming over Sunday, so we need to clean every nook and cranny. Why? Is the family really looking in corners for dust bunnies? The house will be destroyed after thirty people eat dinner, sit around talking, someone will wrestle. Blah, blah, blah. So why do we do it?

And who in the heck started this anyways? I mean, I clean up on a regular basis, and there is no black ring in my toilet, so who was the first? Can we go back in time and beat her up a little bit? Was she cocky enough to have a maid and demand this stuff? I'm just saying.

Isn't your family supposed to love you warts and all? Why not dust bunnies and all? Today, I shall move the couches, vacuum the couches, deep clean the bathroom, and then go to Starbucks and work for five hours in an outdoor mall when the wind chill is five below zero. Whatever.

I love Christmas as much as the next person, but this is getting ridiculous. What are you cleaning up for this Christmas season.

God bless you and yours.


Dawn Cartwright said...

Not a thing.Going on strike. Come see me, not my dusty house. Entertin at night and use candles.....Love you

Baby Z's Mom said...

I'm cleaning the toilets and the dog hair all over the floor and that's it because we are leaving for 3 weeks. Someone is coming over to take care of the dog but will not be here full time, so they will get clean toilets, nothing else.

Nana and Papa A said...

Kay, Kay, Kay!!! Don't do it! Do that deep Cleaning AFTER Christmas. With all those people in the house they won't even know. Clean the kitchenand bathroom REALLY well and just straighten and dust the rest. If those two roopm are clean they won't notice the rest.

I used to do crazy cleaning before company came just like my mom taught me. Finally me husband told me we weren't having any more company ifI was going to keep going crazy getting the house clean enough.

Also, we always had a great time at my friend Patty's house even though she was not a great housekeeper. After she died from breast cancer I was so thankful that she did not wait to entertain until her house was clean. We would have missed SO much!