Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving approaches.....

As thoughts of turkeys and stuffing and yumminess, I have to think about all the work that goes into the day. It is a lot of work. If you are the one cooking, it's a long day. My husband says that it is the best meal I make all year. Wow, that is a compliment. I do love to cook, and I love thanksgiving, so I don't really mind cooking, but it is a tiring day.

What do you make for Thanksgiving? I make a roasted turkey, stuffing (traditional sage with celery and onion),mashed potatoes, corn, green bean cassarole, sweet potatoes with apples and cinnamon, creamed spinach, crescent rolls, pumpkin pie and apple pie. Oh and gravy, lots of gravy.

Some friends fry a turkey, which I have tried, and it is awesome. Some smoke a turkey. Some barbeque a turkey. I love turkey. I talk to mine when I am preparing it. My kids think I am nuts. I have to talk to it so it turns out right.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Share the love.

God bless you and yours.

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