Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning Mists

As I sit here and look into our backyard, a mist is lifting off the lake. A lone duck swims by. It's almost creepy until you just take a deep breath and realize the peace in the moment.

How many moments of pure peace do we pass up every day in our hectic lives. From what I remember, and the memories are very fuzzy, when the twins were babies, we had no peace. Three in diapers, one in preschool, life was crazy. I literally have no physical memory of the first two years of their lives. I have snippets......going to the pediatrician, the triple stroller and the grocery store, the endless diaper changes. Spending ten dollars on one bottle, because you did not have to hold it, it had a tube and you could just stick it into the baby seat and put the nipple in their little mouths and move on until burpee time. I bought four of them and thought I spent way too much money. But you cannot put a price on your sanity, or what little there is left of it.

I remember crying for a month when the twins gave up naps. I used to get so much done during nap time. I once painted a bathroom during nap time. I loved nap time. Nap time was for running around like a crazy person getting all the stuff done you cannot do with three toddlers hanging around.

So, as you wake up this morning to kiddie chaos, where will you find your moment of peace? Do you wake up early to drink coffee by yourself? Read your bible? Watch a duck swim by? Or a couple of Canadian geese with the goslings (six of them) swim by, dad in front, momma in the back. Just saw that by the way. Find a way to find five minutes. Take a deep breath, find your happy place, and then you can face the rest of the day. There is nothing wrong with hiding in your closet for five minutes.

Where will you find your moment of peace today? Share the quiet.

God bless you and yours.


Annah said...

I find myself wondering the samething some times... how many moments of peace do we pass up? I think sometimes we just don't give ourselves that chance.

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joven said...

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Hamza Balol said...

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Fickle Cattle said...

Nice essay. I think people sometimes forget to find their peace in silence.

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Hi, I found this post through Google as I was planing to write about a mommy's sweet spot. Thanks for sharing your years of experience. My daughter is on the verge of giving up naps. She also is getting up way earlier and taking longer to go to sleep. We're almost getting to the same sleep schedule. Eek! I'm still pushing for her to stay in her room and such. I need a break! Any tips for finding that peace in the midst of the toddler busyness? Or for accomplishing things during this stage of life? One of my biggest struggles is how to find time with God in the midst of all this.

Rebecca said...

P.S. I think you need to check your spam detector...looks like a few spammers snuck through!

Liz said...

Hello Kay..Well here it is August 23,2019..I see many of the posts were made several years ago. I just finished reading one of your stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul "Have a Little Faith." Just wanted to contact you to say I really enjoyed your story of faith back in the early days of your marriage and how you conquered fear and leaving your life of living like the "Jones." You and your hubby moved into his mom's home to make ends meet back in those lean years. Your optimism and faith gave you much peace with the change. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is a real faith builder..